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"The Best Beef Jerky: Our mission is to make you the highest quality, most intense flavor and simply the best beef jerky available anywhere." 

“Jeff, I have just received your Black Pepper and Sea Salt jerky this morning, and I must say, this is the best jerky I have ever eaten.  Here in Brazil it is very difficult to buy beef jerky, you simply don´t find it. Thank you very much for sending it all the way here! “

     -Leonardo N.

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   "The Best Beef Jerky"
Our Beef Jerky Story

The Old Fashioned Original flavor Jeff's Famous Jerky recipe had its orgins when founder, Jeff Richards began experimenting with Jerky recipes in the early seventies.  The original recipe has been fine-tuned each year for nearly thirty years and after a twenty-year career in the restaurant industry that culminated with experience as both a restaurant owner, consultant, founder and co-founder of restaurant and various business concepts, the one constant was Richards' love of cooking that was now a fourth generation family tradition.

Jerky... Black Pepper & Sea Salt

Orange Beef Jerky

Cajun Jerky

Jalapeno Carne Asada

Habanero Heatwave ...Extra Hot & Spicy
Extra Hot & Spicy

Jeff Richards at July 4th Fireworks Fundraiser

"The principles of gourmet cooking and eating wholesome food have been in my blood from an early age.  And coupled with my foodservice training that crossed cultures, the beef jerky recipes I prepared a few times a year just naturally continued to evolve" says Big Bear City resident, Jeff Richards.

Then after twenty years of experience in the food service industry, Richards took his extensive corporate business development and business marketing training and used it to begin his own new company, Creative Business Adventures with the goal of helping small business owners market and develop their own business ventures with stream-lined strategies for success. 

Self-taught in a variety of additional and new, simple, but effective business development and marketing strategies, his company has served clients in a wide variety of industries throughout the United States and internationally.

Througout this time in his career, cooking Beef Jerky became something to do in the holiday season as a wholesome gift for friends and family.  Finally in late 2006, after giving away more than twenty-five pounds of his homemade product and his casual introduction of a few new fusion flavors...  "Interest in the product was overwhelming and pouring in from people in several states who had shared it with friends and acquaintences who wanted more. Both the demand and timing in the market place was just too big to ignore."  Still, it is a long journey to produce any recipe or food product commercially.

Then, after more than three years of working on every aspect of this new venture, Jeff teamed up with his long-time close friend and business colleague, Mike Aggarwal and ... the birth of Jeff's Famous Jerky began in the mountain village of Big Bear, California ...from the roots of the same tradition from which it started using premium cuts of beef in original fusion marinades that are slow cooked to perfection.  And the rest may be history, but don't just take our word ...go ahead and taste it and then you decide!

Best Beef Jerky

BEST Five Star Rating

Old Fashioned Original flavor
plus Black Pepper and Sea Salt
plus Orange-A-Peel
plus Jalapeno Carne Asada
Cajun Style
Cranberry Jalapeno
Habanero Heatwave too!

Jeff Richards in Colorado

Best Jerky: Jeff's Famous Jerky, Old Fashioned Original Flavor

: Five Star Best Jerky
“Overall, it's a very flavorful jerky with a good deal of flavor … much better flavor and meat consistency …than what you pay for in major brands of jerky in grocery stores.... a decent value ...alot of snackability.”  Buy It Online Here

100% American Beef... Made in America

Gourmet Beef Jerky: Jeff's Gourmet Jerky -Original
Old Fashioned Original: Close Up View

Meet Our Staff

Jeff Richards, Founder and CEO

Jeff Richards, Founder, President, CEO

A career that spans over 30 years of corporate management, business development and consulting experience in a variety of industries including more than 20 years in the food service industry.  As the founder and co-founder of several businesses, Jeff has extensive experience in business start-ups, business development, corporate training, product development, strategic planning and innovative advanced techniques for rapid business success.
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Mike Aggarwal

Mike Aggarwal, CFO, Vice President of Operations

Award-winning and dynamic, vision-driven leader with more than 25 years of success building team oriented organizations and achieving excellence in customer service, quality control and operations for some of the leading Fortune 500 companies in the food service industry.  Mike and Jeff have been close friends for more than 20 years!  Email Mike Here


Bruce Youn, Managing Director of Global Sales

Vibrant, driven sales leader with incredible business savvy and relentless integrity toward building lasting win/win relationships for the ultimate in success. A proven team leader and top producer in both regional and international sales.  He is like one of the family... you are in good hands always!   Email Bruce here.




Jaron Middleton, Sales Manager

Direct to Retail Account specialist, Jaron is a hands-on sales leader who would be happy to help you with set up of your retail wholesale account.  Whether
you have one retail location or many... feel free to contact Jaron for assistance. 
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                             Beef Jerky International Shipping for Personal Consumption

We can send Jeff’s Famous Jerky almost anywhere however there are a few countries that do not allow delivery of beef jerky from the United States. Most countries do allow USDA inspected jerky to be delivered, but there is some risk involved for international export; it often depends upon the discretion of the customs officer, so order at your own risk.  International packages are not returned to us.  We cannot be responsible for a package that is refused by customs.  We have international customers who order frequently, and only occasionally have an issue with one delivery; just know there is risk involved with any international order.  Expect that international jerky shipping does cost more than shipping in the United States and generally can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

  • The United Kingdom is sometimes enforcing a new European Union law. Your package could be refused entry, so order at your own risk.
  • These countries presently do not allow any entry of beef jerky from the USA; Germany, Japan, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.

We use only 100% American Hormone-Free USDA Certified and Inspected Premium Beef.

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