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Eight Flavor Sampler Pack

Try eight of our gourmet beef jerky flavors ... Sweet Teriyaki, Old Fashioned Original, Black Pepper and Sea Salt, Jalapeno Carne Asada, Cajun Style, Orange-A-Peel, Cranberry Jalapeno, Habanero Heatwave.  Each individual bag is 3 oz.

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Habanero Heatwave ...Extra Hot & Spicy
Extra Hot & Spicy

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(Eight) 3 oz. Bags

One of Each Flavor


Plus Shipping, Handling


Best beef jerky!

 Best Jerky in America!

Our award-winning gourmet beef jerky is made with hormone-free beef without added MSG or Sodium Nitrates.  All of the recipes are one of a kind originals… just wait until you taste it and you will see why we were awarded First Place; the Best Jerky in America title in a 64 brand jerky competition. 

Best Jerky in America 1st Place Winner

"Jeff, you not only have the best jerky in the U.S. of A., you also have the quickest and the best customer service in the U.S. of A!!! Thank you sincerely for that prompt response guys are #1 in my book!"

     -T. Fricano., Georgia

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"Forget tough, processed beef jerky - Jeff's Famous Jerky is tender and tasty and worth seeking out."  

-Larry Olmstead, Lifestyle Writer for Forbes

Article: The Jerky Revolution... Think Tasty Not Chewy


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Sriracha bacon jerky

Less fat and sodium than traditional pan-fried bacon.  Great as an on-the-go snack... fantastic in salads and as a topping.

We're Makin' Bacon ...Just Wait Until You Taste it!

We start with super-premium gourmet bacon, add bold flavors and slow-roast it to heavenly bacon decadence.  Our bacon stays fresh and crisp and you can take it anywhere... it's completely shelf stable with a long shelf-life.  The ultimate bacon snack ...the ultimate bacon gift.  Don't just bring home the bacon ...take it anywhere!

Bacon jerky gift

Bring Home
the Bacon

Eight (2 oz. Bags)
Real Bacon Jerky

Plus Shipping/Handling


CHOOSE 2 Bags of:
CHOOSE 2 Bags of:
CHOOSE 2 Bags of:
CHOOSE 2 bags of

Best Beef Jerky

Jerky of the Month Club

Best Product
of 2012

Habanero Jerky: Extra Hot & Spicy

 Awarded December, 2012 with the highest,


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"So gourmet it’s a life changer;  …soft, juicy, all the flavor, A+
  -Lippy Lipman, The Tequila Whisperer, December, 2012

Lippy Lipman, The Tequila Whisperer

TOP FOUR Favorite Brand of Original Flavor:
"...Unique flavor. Never tasted jerky like this before..."
-Field & Stream staff, Aug 2010
"Our goal was the find the best “brand” of jerky."

America's Greatest Jerky

64 Brand Tasting Tournament

"We decided to settle it once and for all (kinda) and gather the most popular beef jerky from around the U.S. and host a 64 jerky, bracket style, single-elimination tasting tournament to crown America’s greatest jerky."

WE WON!!!!!!!! America's Greatest Jerky!

Our own Black Pepper and Sea Salt flavor WINS the America's Greatest Jerky Championship! 


Best Jerky in America

Black Pepper and Sea Salt, Best Jerky in America

Black Pepper and Sea Salt Beef Jerky

Gourmet Beef Jerky ...We Promise!

Our award-winning gourmet beef jerky is produced by following strict quality guidelines and a commitment to a tradition of excellence.  Our gourmet jerky is always made using premium cuts of American beef in creative fusion marinades that are slow cooked to perfection. Following strict guidelines of quality control we produce a mouth-watering, superior and bold-flavored gourmet beef Jerky that is soft and tender in every bite. You will love our great tasting, tender and full-flavored gourmet jerky.

What's the Difference?

Much of the beef jerky that is produced for sale consists of highly-processed, chopped and formed meat, rather than using sliced, whole muscle meat like we do.  These artificially produced products generally have higher fat and water content and are tough to chew. If you read the fine print, you will notice that instead of using strictly American beef many of the largest beef jerky companies frequently use foreign beef.

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                             Beef Jerky International Shipping for Personal Consumption

We can send Jeff’s Famous Jerky almost anywhere however there are a few countries that do not allow delivery of beef jerky from the United States. Most countries do allow USDA inspected jerky to be delivered, but there is some risk involved for international export; it often depends upon the discretion of the customs officer, so order at your own risk.  International packages are not returned to us.  We cannot be responsible for a package that is refused by customs.  We have international customers who order frequently, and only occasionally have an issue with one delivery; just know there is risk involved with any international order.  Expect that international jerky shipping does cost more than shipping in the United States and generally can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

  • The United Kingdom is sometimes enforcing a new European Union law. Your package could be refused entry, so order at your own risk.
  • These countries presently do not allow any entry of beef jerky from the USA; Germany, Japan, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.

We use only 100% American Hormone-Free USDA Certified and Inspected Premium Beef.

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